Sunday, November 4, 2018

How to get cheap taxi service in Delhi-Darshan?

What is a Taxi?

Taxi is one of the most comfortable and highly affordable means of transport in the 21st century. No doubt bus is the cheapest but traveling in Delhi by bus is very difficult due to a shortage of buses and highly crowded buses.

Why we need a Taxi?

Robbery cases, especially with an outsider in Delhi, are a very common case.
Therefore, booking the taxi for traveling the most exotic places in Delhi is the cheapest and highly comfortable.

Ola and Uber is the most used taxi in Delhi only for emergency purposes because this taxi service is costly if one book this taxi for visiting every place in Delhi.

How TravelODesk is different from Uber or OLA?

The concept of Uber and Ola is taking you from point A to point B. They won’t tell you anything other than that like places to travel and how to travel.
But a very few taxi service in Delhi is providing taxi at a very nominal rate to travel all the exotic places.

Travelodesk is the top leading company in taxi booking service online in India. 

taxi booking portal
Taxi Booking Portal

They have been in business from 2014 and have corporate tie-ups with many big brands.
part from that, they are providing taxi booking service in entire India at the cheapest price.

You can reach out to them on call for extra discount. They provide 24x7 assistance. The payment can be done online or on call. They have a secured payment for online payment.

Give them a try, they are worth every penny. From Travelodesk, you can book a taxi to anywhere and everywhere.
They have recently started and are giving a heavy discount on one-way taxi booking services.

Visit their most streamlined Taxi booking service in India.

This video helped me a lot with booking a taxi service with TravelODesk.

By Reyanshu